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afirestudd69's Review
Jan 22, 2018
General Description: Found Andrea on EROS. She looked amazing so I wanted to meet this Latina beauty. Did the usual email/text to set up a meet time. My hotel had security checking room key cards so I had arranged to meet Andrea in the lobby bar. Turns out she like to meet in the lobby first. For her it is a second level of screening. I dont blame her for being extra safe. Anyeay, it had been raining tht day in Vegas so when Andrea arrived she was wearing a trench coat open in the front showing off her great long legs and amazing tits. Andrea has a great smile and is very friendly and easy to talk to. We had one drink at the bar before heading up to the room. While walking to the room Andrea held my hand as if we were bf/gf. Andrea is a true gem. I will definately repeat. Non VIPs, read on. The Juicy Details: Once we arrived in the room Andrea proceeded to make her way to the bed. She said she had been waiting to meet me and was already ready to go. Who was I to argue with her. We bagan with someDFK and feeling each others body. Her tits are great. We then bagan to undress getting ready for the fun to begin. I layed on my back and told Andrea to give me a blow job. With delight she put on the cover and went to town on my rock hard cock. Her oral skills are wonderful. It was a long, wet, gagging sloppy blow job. After a bit of this I spun her around for some 69 action. She was very wet and tasted delicious. We did 69 for what seemed a long time until I was ready to enter her now extremely wet pussy. I had her on her back and gently at first slide my cock into her. Once inside I began to pick up the pace. Andrea met every stroke. It was almost too amazing to want and change positions just looking at her great tits and beautiful face. But, I had to have in in every position. So, we did doggie, CG, RCG and back to missionary. I was finally ready to pop and wanted to shoot in the cover while pumping her doggy. Once in this position it didnt take long watching my cock enter and exit her pussy from behind. I exploded into the cover. By now we were spent and sweaty. Andrea got me cleaned up and we chatted for a bit. Round two began with another amazing covered blow job. I told her that once I was good and hard I wanted to fuck her tight little ass. She was very eager and said she love anal. I got lubed up and slowly entered her tight little ass. It felt so good I didnt want it to end. Once in I began pumping in and out of her ass. Andrea kept up the entire time even pushing back to get me in deper. This went on for a while until I was ready to pop again. I told her I wanted her to jerk me off on her tits. Andrea grabbed my cock and started stroking it like there was no tomorrow. She wanted me to cum as bad as I did so she could she all my cum on her tits. After several minuted of srroking and some dirty talk I came all over her tits.. She got me to cum the second time as much as the first. Andrea is amazing. Guys she is a real treat. Seh like ehat she does and it shows in her performance.. When in Vegas head straight for Andrea. I will repeat.
justducky17's review
Dec 17, 2017
General Description: Andrea is a very sensual woman, eager to please and be pleased. Treat her well and you will reap the benefits of her amazing companionship. The Juicy Details: Andrea is an amazing woman with a body that just doesn't quit. She is so deliciously curvy and was wearing the outfit I had requested. I saw her over the course of two consecutive days and we had a terrific time both in and out of the bedroom. She is remarkably easy to talk to and puts you at ease right away, we met as strangers and left as if old friends. I will definitely repeat when next in Vegas. The sex was intuitive, as if we were long-lost lovers merely reacquainting ourselves with one another's bodies. She knew what I wanted before I did and it was a stellar partnership. I enjoy pleasuring my lover and Andrea showed her appreciation by orgasming many times while I went down on her. I loved hearing that kitty purr with satisfaction. Andrea is worth her weight in gold and you won't be disappointed. I highly recommend her companionship.
goodguy_69's Review
Dec 08, 2017
General Description: Andrea is about 5’6”,130 lbs, cury figure, 34dd breasts, brown eyes, great hygiene, bare kitty and nice white teeth. Her pictures are pretty accurate. Andrea is a beautiful Latin women who loves to please and is a ton of fun! The Juicy Details: I’ve wanted to see Andrea for at least a year. Finally I emailed her and we booked our date for a few weeks later. I gave her references and in a few days Andrea contacted me that we were all set. She checked in with me a few days before our date to confirm all on email. The day of our appointment Andrea texted me that she was in route and shortly after a Latin beauty arrived on my door step. Andrea greeted me with a warm hug and we sat on the couch to chat for a few. Andrea was dressed casual but very sexy wearing a very tight pair of jeans and a blouse with a jacket and heals. Her cury body was looking good in the jeans and her breasts were pooping out of her blouse. I was very happy with Andrea’s appearance! After we got comfy with one another I invited her up to my room. We both undressed and started to play and explore each other with kissing and grouping one another. Andrea sat on top of me and started a stripper slide which was my first experience with this. I didn’t even ask her to do it and it was so hot I lost my first shot right their. I laughed that I was good for another round if she was up for that. Andrea agreed that more rounds were no problem. She cleaned me up and we started to kiss, explore each other again. This time I had her lay down and I wanted to dine on her. She was very responsive and went wild with moaning, dirty talk as I licked her kitty to many shuttering “o”. At one point Andrea was grinding into my face and telling me not to stop! After several “o” and yelling at me not to stop Andrea needed a break. She was shaking and very pleased with my efforts. After a quick break we were off again kissing and getting ready for the full service part of our date. I had paid extra for Greek and Andrea was very eager and loves Greek. She was happy to be my first experience to the islands. The rest of our time was just so much fun. We did Greek 3 times in different positions, (spooning, doggie and cowgirl)more stripper slide, kissing, hj, cbj. After Greek we gave her kitty some attention as well (cowgirl, mish with her legs on my shoulders). Andrea likes it hard and rides like a champ. We went thru 5 condoms, I had two pops and Andre had more “o” then I could keep track of. We were both sweaty and satisfied when we were done. Andrea always cleaned me up and she didn’t watch the clock at all. We both dressed and I walked her to the door. One last hug and our amazing date was over. If your looking for a hot Latin women who loves to have sex then Andrea is your lady! I highly recommend her and I would repeat!
Dec 08, 2017
Date: 12/8/16 Provider: Andrea Grey User ID: None Phone: - Email Address: URL / Website: City: Las vegas State: Nevada Address: My place in Summerlin area Appointment Type: Outcall Did the Appointment take place at the agreed-upon time?: Yes Activities: Talking, kissing, Dfk, Lfk, hj, cbj, stripper slide, ball sucking,greek(x3),spooning,dog gie,mish,cowgirl, dirtytalk, daty, msog Session Length: 60 min Fee: 500 Hair Length and Color: Dark and past shoulders (it was up during our date) Age: 30 Smoking Status: Non-Smoker Ethnic Background: Hispanic Physical Description: Andrea is about 5’6”,130 lbs, cury figure, 34dd breasts, brown eyes, great hygiene, bare kitty and nice white teeth. Her pictures are pretty accurate. Andrea is a beautiful Latin women who loves to please and is a ton of fun! Recommendation: Yes
GoodBoyfriend's Review
Sep 14, 2017
General Description: Was in Vegas for the weekend for the fight of the century. In between my time I booked with Andrea. I saw Andrea's website, and decided to book an appointment with her, after sending her my references we confirmed the appointment. She is certainly not to be missed. And I enjoyed her more than the fight of the century! The Juicy Details: She arrived very punctually and just if not better in person than her pictures on her website. The donation was on the dresser along with a bottle of water. She went to drink water (as she told me she was thirsty). And then she offered me some, which I drank. Then she approached me and told me to take off her dress. I took off her dress and I saw these amazing tits. I began to suck on them. We then began to lfk, with some DFK and then I told her to take off my clothes and she removed all my clothes, she then she got on her knees, put the condom on and began to give me a covered BJ. I then lay her on the bed, I go on top of her and we do mish, for a few minutes. We then switched to reverse cowgirl, as I wanted to see her ass. Then we switched to anal... I was in her, watching those butt cheeks while I came in the condom. We then talked for a bit with some lfk and dfk. I had a better time with Andrea than I did at the actual fight at the T-Mobile arena!
Aug 30, 2017
General Description I was in Vegas and I was in the need for company. I gave Andrea a ring and she answered, I really liked her Spanish accent and she had me right there. She came on over that night and we spent the next few hours together. She is such a nice, beautiful girl. Has the nicest curves... Oh and did I mention the sexiest accent. Will repeat the next time I'm in the Vegas Strip. The Juicy Details: I welcomed her into my hotel room and she gave me a nice kiss and hug. I offered her a glass of wine and we began talking. Just by listening to her nice sexy Spanish accent I became so hard. She saw that I was hard and she approached me and began some lfk, and then the dfk began. She took off my pants and I took off her dress and saw her nice ass and very nice tits. Which I began to suck on immediately. She then grabbed a condom and put it on me and began a covered Blow Job on the couch. I could have splashed right there (Andrea has such good oral skills). However, I wanted to have terrific sex with her. She goes on top of me, while I fondle her nice tits. She moans in her Spanish style accent. Asking for more, and then I splash in the condom. We then talk on the bed as we wait for round 2, and she tells me about her upbringing in South America, and tells me the different styles of music in her home country, such as Salsa & Cumbia. She saw that my dick was hard once again, I told her it was because of her sweet accent. The DFK begins again, she puts the condom on me again and gives me a Covered Blow Job, while I lay on the bed. This time I want her to finish me off and I go in the condom. One of the best blow jobs ever!!! We get dressed and we drank a little more wine and we hug and kiss good night. Terrific evening with Andrea.
MarkSuckerberg's Review
Aug 24, 2017
General Description: Was in Vegas for the weekend and I was feeling quite horny. I attempted to schedule with a couple of girls, but were not available on short notice. I called Andrea and she said she could see me shortly. She accomdated me and was very happy she did. I left the keycard to the elevator on the front desk for her to pick up. And when she arrived in my room. She was such an attractive Latin beauty. She gave me a lfk and a hug and she came in. The Juicy Details: I had scheduled for only 1 hour, but I had to extend the time with Andrea as I was having such a good time with her. She came in and she offered me a massage, I took all my clothes off, and she did the same thing and I saw her very nice large tits. Which I was just only imagining to touch. She started to massage me and we spoke, I really enjoyed your Spanish accent. She then began to give me some kisses on my back and neck and then I turned over. We then began the dfk. We were kissing and then I sucked on her large perfectly enhanced tits. I just sucked away. She then goes down on me and gives me a bbbj. She puts the hat on and we do doggie style on the edge of the bed. We were both making so much noise, I was stroking her hair as I was fucking her. She then cleans me up, and by this time I'm having so much fun with her, I extend my time. On comes the hat again and this time I go on top of her while I suck on her nice tits Afterwards we hold hands in bed and talk. Andrea is hot girl from South America, she is that Latin girl that you just wished you went out with in college! She told me she visits multiple cities, throughout the United States, so I hope to catch her in one that I visit!
Aug 08, 2017
General Description: I went through a list of providers, and I settled on Andrea. I liked her website and her pictures and went for it! Good thing I did, I had such a blast with Andrea. She is a hot Colombian girl, with a genuine personality. I booked the entire night with her, after speaking with her over the phone. Good way to end the day, and good way to start the morning! The Juicy Details: She arrived at the apartment right on time, gave me a hug and lfk. I invited her in and we began to talk in the kitchen table, as we drank tea. While we were talking I was just staring at her nice body, imagining the entire night. Touching her tits, touching her ass and kissing her. As we talked, she reached out her hand and we held hands, I got up went to her and we began some lfk. She then grabbed my hand and asked me, "which way to your room" once in the room we began dfk, with tongue, kisses on the neck. I took off her nice dress, then I took off her bra and I began sucking on her nice large tits. I sucked and kissed her nice nipples. She then took off my pants and put the rubber on and got down and began to give me a cbj. I think I could have gone right there, but I asked her to stop, as I wanted to have actual sex with her. she was such a spicy girl. She goes on top of me cowgirl and while I'm fucking her I'm touching her nice tits, as I'm touching her tits, she puts her hands over mine. I quickly release my load. We then rest and we then, she gets my dick hard once again. I usually have ED problems, and have trouble getting it hard, however I had no issues getting it hard with Andrea. Her body was just so hot, I got really hard, I don't think I have gotten this hard in many, many years. She puts on the rubber and asks me, "how do you like my ass" I told her I absolutely like your ass. And she then says, "go inside of it" we do anal sex and it was terrific. I fucked her, while her ass was bouncing. I release! Then she excuses herself, as it was time for bed (this was an overnight appointment), she comes back on the bed and she hugs me and we hold hands. The entire night (I awoke a few times and she never let go of my hand). She was so sweet! In the morning, we both woke up she gave me a quick smile and then approached me and we started some DFK. Once again, my dick got really hard, she put the rubber on and gave me another cbj, then I wanted to do cowgirl one more time. As we were doing cowgirl her tits were bouncing up and down, and that is precisely what I wanted to see. I released my load. It was a perfect way to begin the day... I was thinking of her bouncing tits all day long!
Aug 05, 2017
General Description: I just didn't want to have a date in the bedroom, I wanted to make it a true date in Las Vegas. I reached out to Andrea, I really liked her pictures and she recommended a high-end restaurant. We met at the entrance at Twist a French restaurant, and when we first me I saw this an elegant girl, with yes - a sweet South American accent! She was splendid, everyone at the restaurant was giving Andrea first and second looks. First time I have gone out to dinner and people were staring at my date! We had a nice 5 course tasting menu for dinner, however the real "tasting" was yet to come later on that night! Needless to say, it was a splendid date! The Juicy Details: After we finished our dinner I was excited and horny. As we were walking back to my hotel room, Andrea held my hand (she was such a GFE). Once inside the hotel room, we just started. It was like we had been dating for months. We began some lfk for a short time and then the dfk which lasted for a few minutes. Andrea is such a kisser! I was dick hard! She puts the condom on my hard dick and we do some doggie style fucking. All I could do, is stare at her ass while I fucked her doggie style, she has such a nice curvy body! I spilled my load into the condom. I needed to take a break and she sat on my lap on the couch. She then began to stroke my dick to get it hard once again, she puts the condom on and on the couch gives me a cbj. We then start to dfk and I suck on her tits and kiss her neck. This time I asked her if we could do anal, and she says, "of course honey" I go inside her and it was 10x better than the doggie style, I just fuck while I grab her nice ass. I think I spilled my load faster when we were doing the Greek style! Time was winding down, and I helped Andrea zip her dress, while kissing her neck. Even while I got dressed, and after all the sex, I couldn't believe it, my dick was still hard! My dick just couldn't soften (I think Andrea had something to do with it).
bb1917's Review
Jul 18, 2017
General Description: Andrea is a very sexy bombshell with a sweet personality who makes you feel at ease. The Juicy Details: Andrea had been on my radar for awhile as she's exactly what like. Andrea is exactly as advertised, she is extremely hot, with a hot body and an amazing attitude! I ran across many profiles, but Andrea´s stood out. I was very hesitant in contacting her, due to my own nervousness, but I am very glad I did. She is very attractive and just overall one of the sweetest individuals you will ever meet. Her presence and demeanor will put you at ease and make you feel very comfortable. I had her visit me at my outcall location and we kept in touch up to the last minute. When she finally arrived she texted and I met her at the backdoor to walk her up to my room. She showed up right on time and wow she looked so gorgeous. She dressed discreetly so as not to draw any unwarranted attention. I definitely have to see her again.
Jun 23, 2017
General Description: What can I say, Andrea was an oasis in the middle of the Tucson Desert heat! When first laying my sights on her, she was simply radiant. While I have a thing for spanish females, she confirmed my love for raven haired, beautiful figured seniors. More so...her attitude was amazing, from her introduction to her smile leaving my room....I was entranced the whole time. The Juicy Details: Oh man, where to start!! Actually, I am not telling! All I can say is I am planning to visit her in the desert again...totally worth the trip!!
jimmichitwood's Review
Jun 14, 2017
General Description Not sure why my ratings didn't come up on my review Andrea. Everything 100% a must see. The Juicy Details: Ratings left off. Andrea is amazing. See my lengthy review below. A+++++++++ Andrea is the real deal. Too notch
jimmichitwood's Review
Jun 14, 2017
General Description: Andrea is unbelievable and a must see. !!!!!!! The ultimate pleaser The Juicy Details: Wow!! Andrea is super woman. First she is all about making you happy and establishing a connection. We spoke like we were friends and she is so thoughtful and an intelligent lady. So many amazing qualities. We sat and talked about so many things and she is so interesting and has such a diverse background. I asked Andrea to take charge and boy did she. She rocked my world. We had a blast for a long time and she definitely enjoyed it as much as I did. Very aggressive kisser and sex. I truly believed she came four or five times riding me reverse CG. Her pussy is so tight and it's amazing what all she can do to make you feel Out of this world. Such a hot Colombian girl and loves sex. She is all about making sure you have an amazing time. It couldn't have been better. Made me feel like I was the only guy on the planet. Treat her right and you will be happy.
Jun 11, 2017
General Description: Andrea is an amazing provider and aims to please. And a great kisser. Highly recommended. The Juicy Details: This is my third time seeing Andrea and this woman does not disappoint. For a while I have had a hard time contacting her, but one day when I call her she finally picked up. My most recent encounter with Andy was different from the first two because this time she contacted me and wanted me to come over. I had nothing else to do and plus I was horny. So, she texted me her address and off I went.
tata89's Review
Jun 09, 2017
General Description: I will call her again, and I cannot wait. More than I ever expected. The Juicy Details: Booked session through email. Beautiful gal meet her at a lounge in Scottsdale, shes punctual, Great time, will repeat. Love her accent turn me on.
joh3's Review
Jun 03, 2017
General Description: I will call her back. Great body, round ass, big breast, classy when she talk and wild in bed perfect Latina The Juicy Details: She is gorgeous sexy gal She is a tiger in the bedroom. I recommend her with enthusiasm and energy.
mich82's Review
Apr 19, 2017
General Description: Have seen Andrea a few times and it gets better each time. Shes has an amazing attitude with a decent body but hot damn does she give outstanding service. The Juicy Details: Andrea is sensual and energtic. Was wearing bra and panty set upon my arrival to her condo welcomed me in, we shared a bottle of Champagne that I brought, got comfortable and friendly, heading into one of the better experiences I have had in many years of this hobby. Would repeat, will repeat.
jbig69's Review
Apr 08, 2017
General Description: Everything was as advertised. Great attitude, love giving and getting. Highly recommended. The Juicy Details: Andrea has been in this for a long time. She is very experienced, elegant and hot. She is very composed in the way she moves around. I found her very clean and fresh. I had a great time with her.
Feb 22, 2017
General Description: Andrea.... thank you ever so much for a simply amazing evening! Your passion is incredible and your body flawless! I'm very drawn to you and will absolutely be seeing you again! The Juicy Details: Andrea Grey is in a class all her own. There is something very natural about this girl. Classy, refreshing attitude, super sexy without trying. Artistic look and sensual temperment that shows. Her beautiful condo is very secure, amazingly welcoming, and relaxed. In andrea's website she looks absolutely beautiful, in person she is a muse full of sensuality, class, attitude and eroticism. Greatly recommended
winds33146's Review
Jan 29, 2017
General Description: Seen Andrea's ads on well reviewed sites and advertising outcall on weekdays on Her ads no doubt stood out from the rest. Seemed genuine, and in person, she is. Curvy, tall-ish dark red colored hair with an amazing derriere that will have you buckling at the knees. Photos do not do her justice. If you like a very well groomed, sensual woman than she is the right fit. Light screening over the phone after a few text messages. This girl is addicting The Juicy Details: I spend overnight with Andrea, a wonderful woman who makes you comfortable and focuses on making you happy. She is smart, kind, sexy as hell and as much fun to talk to as she is under the covers. She's arty and genuine; like that cute girl at the coffee shop that you're lucky enough to find yourself in bed with. Once in bed she's full of surprises. Orgasmic and generous. Like have sex with a good, sexy friend you've always wanted to have sex with. You can talk about anything, very relaxed and attentive.
Jan 28, 2017
Great attitude and very professional highly recommended I will repeat she is amazing and andrea enjoy what she does The Juicy Details Andrea is so much fun, exceptionally attractive woman and very professional. She enjoys what she does, she will please you in all your desires, no rushing and make you feel fullness. Andrea is an absolute blast behind closed doors. About 5'6" 130 and beautiful Latin body, who is a delight to spend time with. A strong recommend.
Jan 27, 2017
General Description: With Andrea you can live the fantasy, feel the romance, build a long-term friendship and perhaps chase a dream you forgot you ever had. Excellent provider, very sensual and good value. The Juicy Details: I called her up and sent a message to get in touch with Andrea. She replied quickly and gave me the details. It was a good experience she is very sensual, she make me feel comfortable and confident. Her condo is very discreet in a nice private area. Highly recommended please treat her well.
Jan 14, 2017
General Description: Andrea is classy, stunning, sensual, warm, and fun with an extremely charismatic magnetic personality. ULTIMATE LATIN SEDUCTRESS The Juicy Details: Andrea the first choice for those who want to ignite imagination, experiencing the truly extraodinary. It's the unique balance between the energizing and the relaxing that she loves to share with you......for the love of romance and exploration. Great son but not to a sickly state. nice attitude and demeanor. A decent experience and will probably repeat.
Jan 13, 2017
General Description: Excellent provider and good value. Well worth the trip. The Juicy Details: Great experience. Greeted with a warm smile and nice huge. Laid down the donation and was lead to the back room where the fun begin. Will be repeating and highly recommend.
willie29's Review
Jan 13, 2017
General Description: Absolutely stunning woman guys. The pictures are 100% accurate but just don't do her justice. I truly appreciate a gal that delivers as promised and can hold an intelligent conversation as well. I will repeat for sure!!!! The Juicy Details: Guys this girl really loves sex and it shows!!! I met her in the lobby and instantly felt comfortable around her. She was wearing tight jeans and a sexy top anf even dressed casually i could hardly wait to get her upstairs. Stunning!!!! We went to the room and I adjourned to the washroom. When I came out she had stripped out of those clothes giving me the full view of that body. She has amazing fake breasts and these gorgeous lips. It was on after that. I had her lay down to day and she tasted great, very responsive and vocal. I could have stayed there all night but those lips!!
artw67's Review
Jan 05, 2017
General Description: Andrea is so much fun, has a great body, sexy appearance, very friendly and easy to book The Juicy Details: Booker is a very friendly person with great communication and fast replied. I saw her add on BP Location was at Scottsdale in a nice Hotel. Andrea is very fine girl with this sexy face like girl from next door and once I get to know her, I had this G.F.E feeling right away. I would say I hit a jackpot on that day. Andrea is the one and totally worth it to give her a visit. I will see her again when she's back to town.
kengne's Review
Jan 04, 2017
General Description: Sexy Burnett with a great ass and nice fake but looking and feels natural tits. The Juicy Details: We both undress and Andrea offered a relaxing massage a which was okay but I wanted to feel her so I offered to give her a massage. She then offered a bj which I happily accepted while she shook her perfect big round ass in my face. Great technique for a cbj, a lot of suction and spit, probably could have eventually lost my load, I asked her to get on top for rcg, she happily agreed and started to ride me like a pro. I started to feel ready to blow so I asked to switch to doggy. She jumped up and assumed the position and I could have finished just from the sight of that glorious ass. I enter, and feel her tighten around my cock and after a couple of pumps she's bouncing back on me and moaning and it really felt like she was into it. I didn't last long at that point and finished very happily in the bag. We then cleaned up and continued talking as if we were friends and then I was on my way.
rose88's Review
Jan 04, 2017
General Description Simply gorgeous. Classy, spectacular, splendid, superb, wonderful, grand, impressive, awe-inspiring, awesome, amazing, stunning, breathtaking, incredible. There are not enough adjectives to sufficiently describe Andrea The Juicy Details Andrea is my new all time favorite. I was immediately comfortable with her. When I first saw her I was speechless. I couldnt look away, those eyes are mesmerizing. She drove up to the spot I was supposed to call her from in a nice SUV, a stunning latina beauty behind the wheel. I followed her to her incall location and we went inside. She put me at ease immediately and we spent an hour exploring each other. She is a gem. I haven't cum that hard in a long time. I will repeat. She made me feel good.
Dec 01, 2016
Andrea Grey: A highly erotic afternoon with a gorgeous Columbian I had gotten great reviews on Andrea from several guys that I respect, so I finally had an opportunity to spend a highly erotic afternoon with. It is always very satisfying to meet a provider who is actually more beautiful than the pictures on her website. Like other elite providers, Andrea is a sexual dynamo, with nice big breasts, flawless tan skin, a beautiful ass, and waist length hair. She is originally from Columbia, but her English is perfect with just a hint of an accent that adds to her exotic allure. Andrea greeted me at the hotel door with a big smile and wearing my favorite outfit: high heels and a dress with nothing underneath: no stockings, no panties, no bra. She has a warm and playful personality that relaxed me immediately. After a long DFK, GFE embrace and several minutes of fondling each other’s ass, while fully clothed, I turned Andrea around so that I could grind my rock hard dick against her ass. At the same time, I lifted her dress and started to massage her clit and breasts while I kissed her neck, face and ears as her body trembled. My intention was to lick and kiss every inch of that sexy body. She slowly guided my finger into her vagina, which was becoming wet, and moaned with pleasure as her crotch gyrated and she pushed her ass against my dick. I then had her get on the bed on her knees so that I could DATY and DATO from the rear as I stroked my dick. I pushed her onto her stomach on the bed and continued to slowly lick the back of her ankles, legs, thighs and hips. The taste of her sweet pussy and ass and her moans almost made me pop. We both got undressed and Andrea pushed me back on the bed, climbed in between my legs and pulled my dick so deep into her mouth. I have been fortunate to receive some terrific BBBJs in this game, but hers are in a class by themselves. Her technique also combines a HJ that somehow stimulated every nerve ending in the tip of my dick and shaft that tingled at every stroke and had my legs trembling. As she DT my shaft, with the strongest suction imaginable, I could feel her throat muscles throbbing to amplify the sensation. She squeezed and massaged my balls and swirled her tongue around the head of my dick, while spitting on it, causing my whole body to shiver. Within 10 minutes I exploded into her mouth and she continue sucking and massaging my balls until I was dry.
Sep 03, 2016
Amazing beautiful astonshingly Gorgeous, breath taking Words cant express how sexy and ravishing this Hot Latina from Colombia is. Very classy very educated and great conversationist. I had an amazing time with her She doesnt seem to have a routine, shes not all about business and going through the motions. What she is about, is a keene understanding of what a man wants. I dont know how she does it, but she knows exactly how to communicate with a man in a playful, seductive, fun, open-minded way.Youll quickly forget any of your reservations